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Additional Burn-In Test Sockets Made by Sensata

Sensata can meet just about any IC burn-in and testing requirement you can come up with... And we have the proven global deployment to support it. Our Interconnect portfolio supports the top memory, microprocessor, ASIC, and logic companies worldwide, and has been since 1970.

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Latest 3D design tools
On-site model shops
Rapid prototyping
Advanced thermal analysis
Design on demand
24/7 global engineering
Expert molding, design, & customization
Buckling beam contact
24/7 global support teams
Local engineering & sales
Six Sigma quality management
Proven, reliable high-volume manufacturing
24/7 Worldwide Support
CSP Leaders
Interconnect Since 1970

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Product Brochures

CSP 0.5mm Pitch Brochure
0.5 mm Pitch BGA CSP (PDF)
2 Pages
Logic Brochure
Logic (PDF)
February, 2008
6 Pages
Memory Brochure
Memory (PDF)
4 Pages

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