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Klixon® 37HM series of hermetic motor protectors
Three–phase on–winding motor protection from 1 to 4 HP

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Features and Overview /\ Top

Hermetically sealed, three–phase on–winding protection
Protect WYE (Star) wound 3–phase motors from 1 to 4 HP
Hermetic reliability designed for leakage protection
In–line protection in a small, rugged, welded construction
Low profile shape allows for close coupling to motor windings
Klixon snap–action discs assure positive make, break action, and controlled temperature differential
Compliant with European directive 2002/95/EC restrictions on use of hazardous substances (RoHS)

The Klixon 37HM on–winding motor protector is a 3–phase line break, automatic reset device which interrupts line current at the center point of a WYE (Star) wound motor.

This protector is designed to protect 3–phase refrigeration and air conditioning compressor motors from excessive winding temperature; however, applications may be made to any WYE (Star) wound 3–phase motors where environmental conditions require a hermetic seal.

The low profile permits the device to be installed directly on motor windings for closely coupled temperature monitoring, thus enhancing over–temperature protection against loss of refrigeration charge, low voltage locked rotor, and single phasing (loss of phase).

The 37HM is designed to reduce installation costs by replacing pilot control systems with a simple, economical, compact device.

Product Uses /\ Top

Designed for low–side and high–side pressure applications
Refrigeration compressors
Submersible pumps
Other restrictive environments
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Compressor Control
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