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Klixon BRL Series

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Resin motors
Pump motors
Fan motors
Small motors

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Klixon® BRL series thermal motor protector
Plastic case

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Snap–action Klixon disc: field proven, reliable and repeatable snap–action bimetal actuation
ENEC, CQC, UL approvals
Plastic case means no insulation needed from metal motor parts
Sealed to withstand varnish dipping; can be mounted directly on windings to sense actual winding temperature
120VAC and 230VAC
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Motor Control

CODE: BRL series

Sensata Technologies builds the BRL motor protector to meet almost any requirement of protection in a wide range of small motors.

Operating Principle - The BRL series uses the same snap–action principle of other Klixon protectors. The bimetal disc senses both heat and current. A current flows through the resistive Klixon bimetal disc. When the temperature of the disc reaches a predetermined calibration point the disc snaps open the contact, breaking the current path. The contacts close again automatically as the device cools down to a safe running temperature.

Performance Characteristics /\ Top
Standard Operating Temperature Range
65°C to 150°C in increments of 5K
Tolerance on Open Temperature
Maximum contact rating
For BRL1D: 8A / 115Vac, 6A / 250Vac
Operating time
Extend of sensing element
Whole control
PTI of insulation
Protection degree
Control pollution situation

Qualifications /\ Top
File number E15962
UL2111 motor protecting device
File number 2089558.01
EN60730-2-2 thermal motor protector
File number 2089558.01
EN60730-2-3 thermal ballast protector
File number 05002012946
GB14536.1-1998 motor protector
File number 05002012946
GB14536.3-1996 motor protector
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