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Klixon HT Series

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Klixon® HT series compressor control
PTC solid–state crankcase heaters

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Energy saving self–regulating PTC heaters: no thermostat required
Multi–voltage capability / 240-600VAC
Solid–state reliability
Allows higher compressor E.E.R.’s
Output increases as ambient decreases
Self-compensates for voltage variations
PTC element for long life
UL and CSA certified (UL tested for temperature, aging and endurance, humidity, stability)
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Compressor Control
CODE: HT series

The 7HT, 8HT, 9HT, 10HT, and 14HT series crankcase heaters are multi–voltage, in–well PTC devices. They are designed to eliminate compressor damage resulting from freon mixing with oil by creating a temperature differential between the oil and migrating freon.

The in–well design provides excellent thermal coupling to the crankcase oil, minimizing heat loss to the environment. The multi–voltage capability eliminates the costly need for inventorying additional heaters.

Self–regulating PTC provides for power reduction with temperature rise, without the need for switch controls or thermostats.

All 7HT, 8HT, 9HT, 10HT, and 14HT crankcase heaters are manufactured under statistical process control and are 100% tested at 125% of rated voltage for conformance to specifications.

Rating /\ Top
Part Number*
Wattage@0°C H2O
25W to 35W
240 to 600 VAC
25W to 35W
240 to 600 VAC
40W to 55W
240 to 600 VAC
55W to 70W
240 to 600 VAC
35W to 45W
240 to 600 VAC
* where "xxx" designates physical configuration, leads, and adhesive foil
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