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Klixon MSC Series

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Klixon® MSC series refrigeration package
Motor starter - protector combo

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The MSC by Sensata Technologies serves as a combination control that:

Uses compact metal can motor protector and solid state PTC motor starter
Includes Internal Back-up Protection System for the PTC motor starter
Available for both RSIR and RSCR applications (Contact Sensata for alternate configurations)
Plugs directly onto compressor terminal pins
Dissipates less than 2 watts under typical operating conditions

The Klixon® MSC refrigeration package is a compact motor starter and motor protector package that dissipates less than 2 watts under typical operating conditions.

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Applicable to fractional horsepower compressors used in residential refrigerators and freezers, and similar refrigeration applications
Utilizes ceramic PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) thermistor element to energize / de-energize motor start windings
Available for 120 and 220 volt applications
Configurations available to suit most residential applications
Less costly to install than discrete motor starter and protector components
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Compressor Control
CODE: MSC series

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